April 2021

Partnership Changes

We are delighted to announce that Dr Patrick Wong, one of our previous GP trainees, will be returning this month as a part-time partner. Welcome back! Dr Julie Gray and Dr Ashleigh Philips both return imminently from Maternity leave.

June 2021

Online services update

Old Machar Medical Practice – Press Release
As Scotland begins its (hopefully) final path down the easing of lockdown restrictions we would like initially to say a huge “Thank-you” to our patients for bearing with us during these difficult times. We have gone through huge rapid changes in our method of working over these past several months!

As we move forward the Partners of the practice have considered at length our ongoing pattern of working. For the past 14 months we have been able to offer a nearly global “within 2 working days” service to our patients looking for medical advice – predominantly remotely using eConsult, telephone, and video consultations. However, at the same time, we have maintained the ability to see face-2-face patients that have needed procedures and examinations. During this time, using this “remote first” method of working we have seen huge benefits to patients and staff with this ability to deal with issues and concerns much more efficiently than our pre-Pandemic model which did result in regular lengthy delays of sometimes several weeks to see a medical practitioner.

So, we have decided to continue forward with the predominant “remote first” method of contacting the practice for medical advice. We plan to continue to encourage patients with most medical complaints or administrative issues to initially complete the appropriate eConsult via our practice website ( and you will receive a response within 2 working days for clinical matters and 3 working days for admin matters. If you feel that your medical issue is not suitable for eConsult, or you are unsure as to the best method of receiving medical advice, or you would prefer not to use the eConsult system then please contact our front-line administration staff via telephone (0345-337-0510) and they will assist you in organising the most appropriate assessment method for your problem. Our front-line administration staff will ask you for a brief description of your medical issue so they can make the most appropriate recommendation for your care options.

Nursing appointments can be made in the usual manner by contacting our administration staff on 0345-337-0510.

Partners of the Old Machar Medical Practice. 

September 2021

Farewell to Dr's Stewart, Wearden, and Bruce, and Angie Mein (Nurse Manager) 

With sadness we bid a "farewell" to several members of staff.  Dr Rorie Stewart, Dr David Wearden, Dr Susie Bruce, and Nurse Manager Angie Mein all leave us this month.  We wish them all well in their various retirements.

October 2021

Changes to the Nursing Team

We welcome Emma-Louise Williamson who joins the team as our new Nurse Manager.

December 2021

Farewell to Dr's Blessing and Wallace

With sadness we bid a "farewell" to a couple of our GP's.  Dr Blessing Okpo leaves us to move to England with her husband, and Dr Wallace has decided to hang up her stethoscope to enjoy her retirement.

January 2022

Partnership Changes

January sees a new partner join our team - Dr Nicola Gray joins us from Inverbervie.  Welcome!

April 2022

Partnership Changes

Sees Dr Delaney and Dr Quieros become partners of the practice - both longstanding members of the team already!

August 2022

Farewell to Dr Wearden

Dr Wearden has decided to move on to pastures new!  After many years at the practice he has taken up a post in Perthshire working in a specialist Palliative Care unit.  We wish him all the best!

April 2023

Welcome to Dr Wandlass

We welcome a new member to the team - Dr David Wandless.  He joins us from Fyvie/Oldmeldrum Practice as a new part time partner in the practice.

We also say a short farewell to Dr Philips and Dr Delaney who both leave us temporarily to expand their families.

October 2012

Partnership Changes

Sees Dr Sim returning to the Borders for family reasons. We wish him all the best. Also we see the joining of 2 new Partners at the practice - Dr Blessing, and Dr Gray.

July 2013

Online services update

you can now request repeat prescriptions via your patient access logon. See here for details on how to apply for access.

April 2014

Partnership Changes

From 1st April 2014 Dr Susan Bruce becomes our newest partner in the practice. Also we say a short fairwell to Dr Vorenkamp who goes on maternity leave for the next few months.

September 2014

Partnership Changes

From 1st September 2014 Dr Jennie Kilby makes the transition from GP trainee and becomes our newest partner in the practice.

July 2015

Change to Practice telephone number

As of 1st July 2015, in line with Scottish government requirements, our new switchboard number will be 0345-337-0510 (changed from 0845). All other contact numbers will remain the same.

September 2015

Partnership Changes

Sees Dr Vorenkamp leave us for a move to Ballater for family reasons.

January 2016

Partnership Changes

Sees the arrival of Dr Stuart Taylor. Dr Taylor will be looking after Dr Bruce's patients whilst she is on maternity leave. January also sees the return of Dr Kilby from maternity leave, and she will be taking over from Dr Vorenkamp.

August 2017

Partnership Changes

Sees the transition of Dr Laura Thomson (nee Cumming) from trainee to partner in the practice, and announces that Dr Sneddon will be leaving us for pastures new in September. She will be moving to the central belt to the beautiful setting of North Berwick.

March 2018

Video Consultations Now Available

Old Machar now is offering consultations online via a video call. Video calling is as convenient as a phone call, with the added value of face-to-face communication. It can save you time and money, and brings your care closer to home.

May 2018

Farewell to Dr McKay

We say a sad "Goodbye" to Dr Alexander McKay - who retires from practice after 32 years at Old Machar Medical Practice. He will be missed!

May 2018

Dr Smith to become Partner

We are delighted to announce that Dr Ross Smith, our current GP trainee, will be continuing as a full-time partner from September 2018. Welcome to the team!

August 2019

Dr Philips to become Partner

Dr Ashleigh Philips move from trainee to partner in the practice.

2012 RCGP Photo
2012 RCGP Award

June 2006

New Surgery Opens In Bridge of Don

New Bridge of Don Surgery at Jesmond drive opens on 11 June 2006.

August 2006

Dr Cosgrove Retires

After many years of dedicated practice, Dr Cosgrove has retired. The practice would like to wish him all the best and a long and happy retirement.

April 2007

Dr Wearden Arrives

Old Machar welcomes an additional partner. To add to our 7 existing full time doctors we welcome Dr D. Wearden who comes with many years previous GP experience.

May 2008

Extended Hours Starts

Further to our recent patient questionnaire, Old Machar Practice is now open into the late evening every Monday, and will be opening on Saturday mornings once per month.

November 2008

Dr Sneddon becomes Assistant Director of Post Graduate Education

The practice is proud to announce that our Dr Sneddon has recently been appointed as the Assistant Director of Post Graduate Education for General Practice in Grampian. Unfortunately this means that we will be seeing less of her in the practice. From January 2009 Dr Sneddon will only be working 2 days per week in the practice (Monday and Tuesday). Temporary arrangements are in place to cover Dr Sneddons' patients and we are currently searching for an additional partner.

April 2009

Partnership Changes

Following a reorganisation in the practice Dr Affleck and Dr MacLeod will be reducing their time in the practice to 3 days per week each. We welcome Dr J. Vorenkamp as a replacement partner. We also welcome back Dr M. Morley as a GP assistant.

October 2010                         

Partnership Changes

Sees the retirement of Dr Affleck. After 21 years at the practice, Dr Affleck has decided to hang up his stethoscope. We wish him all the best in his retirement. From the 1st of October a new partner will be starting at the Practice, Dr Beattie , who has the difficult job of trying to fill his shoes!

March 2012

Partnership Changes

Sees the retirement of Dr Macleod. 30 years at Old Machar and Dr Macleod retires to the good life with lots of fishing, shooting, and crofting! We wish him all the best in his retirement. From the 1st of May a new partner will be starting at the Practice, Dr Sim, a well established GP who is moving back to Aberdeen from the Borders region.

October 2012                         

Recognition of our Team Members

The recent Royal College of General Practitioners Award Ceremony saw two of our GP’s - Dr Stewart and Dr Cooper awarded the prestigious status of Fellows of the Royal College of General Practitioners, and our in house district nursing team of Julie Stuart, Jean Smith, and Wilma Matheson awarded The Palliative Care Award for excellence in palliative care.


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